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I would put that plant outdoors maybe in part sun.

Over the last couple weeks, it has gone from developing yellow spots on some of the leaves to dropping leaves. When I first noticed the issue, I thought it was a nutrient deficiency so I applied the basic Espoma organic fertilizer that I usually use for my potted plants. I had not been feeding the tree heavily this year because it didn't have any fruit (previous spider mite issue over the winter cleaned off all the leaves and lemons).

Jul 09, A: It’s typical for a Meyer lemon to lose leaves during winter indoors. There are three usual causes: lower light levels than it prefers, low humidity and soggy soil.

To give it the best care possible, do the following. Meyer lemon trees are evergreen, but just before the spring flush of new leaves, Meyer lemons will drop old leaves.

I'll be sure to keep it better fed in the future if it survives.

Since they're about to be discarded, the leaves have often lost their color and gone partially or completely yellow. Meyer lemons may also flush in fall, and you may notice yellow leaves. Aug 26, Aug 24, AM CST. Back in January, I bought a Meyer Lemon Tree at Home Depot. It's been inside since I bought it and it's set between a south and east facing window.

Overall it's been pretty healthy, with some occasional leaf drop (about 1 each month), but within the last 3 days it's dropped upwards of 12 leaves, with others yellowing.

Orange and kumquat appeasr in excellent health.

Dec 14, A nitrogen deficiency is often to blame when leaves turn yellow, especially if older leaves are yellowing from the tip to the base. Actually, when the tree. Aug 13, The first crop last year was 11 lemons which reached full maturity. The second crop which had a tremendous flush of blossoms (over ) and after the"june drop" I know have approx 35 lemons in various stages of developement. I have noticed that my leaves are turning yellow. The container is 18 dia and has a water saucer below to hold water.

Jan 21, Nitrogen deficiency - shows as yellowing of older leaves in the tree's foliage. You can add special nitrogen-boosted fertiliser in your feeding to help resolve it. Zinc or iron deficiency - shows as yellowing of new leaves with green veins. To fix this, use a kelp spray solution or add zinc to the. Sep 13, Q: My Meyer lemon is about seven feet tall and is covered with small, green fruit, but it has lost most of its leaves.

What should I do? A: Citrus tend naturally to drop some leaves during. Jul 14, It was loaded with buds and had four 3/4 inch lemons. I placed it in a screened porch that gets light most of the day. I fertilized it with an acid fertilizer and watered per instructions.

Recently the lower leaves have yellowed and fallen off, the buds are falling off and the lemons are turning yellow. Yellow Leaves Due to Lack of Nitrogen. If your lemon tree shows chlorosis of the leaves, that is, yellowing due to lack of chlorophyll and this affects the older branches first and spreads to the younger ones, this is a case of chlorosis due to lack of nitrogen.

Nitrogen, or N, is one of the main nutrients for lemon trees. Without it, they cannot grow or develop properly and it is an.

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