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In spring the Southern magnolia drops its oldest leaves as new growth begins. Older,"tired" leaves suddenly turn yellow, throughout the tree, and those are the leaves that will be shed. They don't drop all at once, either, falling over time. Leaves are large, each measuring up to 10 inches long, and very tough, taking time to decompose. Jul 13, Magnolias are notorious for leaf drop just before flowering. It is especially noticeable on evergreen trees that produce large leaves and create a mess when numerous leaves appear to drop at one time.

This is not something you need to worry about since the tree will put out new leaves once the flowering process has shrubmulching.clubted Reading Time: 1 min. Sep 21, Many species of magnolias such as southern magnolia or sweet bay magnolia drop leaves in spring to make room for new leaves.

Examine the branches of your magnolia tree. Insects such as scale or ash whitefly can cause a magnolia’s leaves to turn yellow and fall off from feeding.

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Scale bugs and ash whiteflies secrete a clear, sticky, sugary. Apr 11, Some species of magnolia drop their leaves naturally during certain times of the year, particularly in the spring. It is also possible that a fungus is growing on the leaves.

The color of the leaves that fall from the tree is an easy way to determine whether the leaf loss is healthy or the result of a sick shrubmulching.clubted Reading Time: 1 min. Leaf drop in magnolias is normal in late spring, early summer. Visitors to the Missouri Botanical Garden absorb the splendor of a Loebner magnolia tree on Tuesday, Feb.

28, Though spring. Mar 13, Like other broadleafed evergreen plants (ligustrums, hollies, etc.), southern magnolias drop their leaves in the spring. The only differences are that they do so much later into the spring. Jan 08, Magnolia trees tend to drop their leaves throughout the year, so leaves yellowing and falling off the tree may not be a sign that there is a problem. If those missing leaves are not getting replaced by new leaf growth then it’s time to worry.

May 01, Magnolias yellow and drop these old leaves in spring as they begin to bloom. This leaf drop is normal and no cause for alarm. (Fallen leaves often exhibit spots and. Dec 16, If, on the other hand, the brown leaves appear in spring, it could mean that there was frost damage.

  The good news is that such frost damage is unlikely to kill your tree. The bad news is that it will ruin the plant's appearance for a while, and that there is precious little you can do to prevent frost damage on a mature specimen.

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